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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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i quit being creative director | posted 02-24-2009 | Number of Votes: 35  |  Current Rating: 3.84   

i just had the following conversation. it was with a customer who sent me a file earlier that i couldn't open, after which i responded to her email telling her the plethora of file types i could accept and explained that she needed to send me the file saved in a format i could open.

me: hello, [company name].
her: SIR, i sent you the file earlier today?
me: okay, ma'am, could you be more specific?
her: i sent you the flyer and i don't even know what kind of file that was but i have the right one saved here but i sent you the wrong one see i have two of these files so what i'm gonna do is go back into my email account and send you the right one because you need this one and not the one i sent you earlier i don't even know what that was.
me: right.

i find it humorous when customers call me to tell me they're going to respond to my email.

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