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Tuesday September 26, 2017
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ITConsultant | posted 01-29-2007 | Number of Votes: 70  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

About four years ago in 2003, my consulting firm was hired by a public agency to develop an IT Business Plan. We interviewed many members of the management and their employees to understand the most pressing needs around information technology. Our team was shocked to learn that one of the most requested "innovations" was installing a voice mail 2003. We were stunned speechless to learn that cutting and pasting to alter certain documents actually involved scissors and glue!

While the public sector is often behind the private sector in adopting new technologies, this particular organization was unusually backward and we were at a loss to understand why. As we continued on with our interviews, the reason became perfectly clear. It could be directly attributed to leadership at the top. When we interviewed the equivalent of the Chief Operating Officer, we introduced ourselves as the consultants conducting the "IT Business Plan" for the agency.

The COO replied, "IT? Is that the name of your company?"

This particular organization still does not have voicemail in 2007.

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