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Monday March 25, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #1101

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k | posted 10-28-2004 | Number of Votes: 94  |  Current Rating: 2.78   

customer: "I'm just fed up. I've had this software for 3 weeks and I still can't use it. I just wanted to be able to plug it in and then it works."
me: "we're sorry, but you do need to set your preferences in the software. we're sorry that you weren't aware this was necessary. we will help you do this right now if you like."
customer: "I'm just fed up. I haven't used it. I've wasted so much time on it."
me: "we're sorry. would you like us to help you set your preferences?"
customer: "I just don't think this is the software for me."
me: "OK. I will get my manager to call you. he is talking to someone else at the moment. he'll call in about an hour, is that OK?"
customer: "OK. bye."

-- one hour later --

manager: "hi, how are you today."
customer: (bursts into tears)
manager: "oh, have you been having a bad day..."
customer: "three of my staff left me and I have so much work on and I don't know why they don't like working here and (crying)"
manager: "I'm sorry, that sounds really rough. it will get better though, do you have new staff lined up?"
customer: "yes I've placed the ads and had some replies..."
manager: "that's good. it'll turn out OK. now, how about I talk you through setting up those preferences in the software."
customer: "yes, thanks, and sorry I'm such a mess."
manager: "no problems."

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