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Tuesday June 18, 2019
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Surfergirl | posted 11-02-2004 | Number of Votes: 85  |  Current Rating: 3.48   

I was the focal point between our web developers and our senior managers. Once we had a mockup website from our webdevelopers, I presented it to our managers.

I explained that the frontpage will look a bit different, as there is hardly any content in there now (only a bit Lorem Ipsum), and therefore the buttons will be at the bottom, and not in the middle of the screen.

Once half way through the presentation a senior manager:
"Ok, but can we get back to the front page, i do not like the buttons in the middle, and shouldnt we get more meaningful text?"

I explain again, that the frontpage will look different, once they provide me with content, which i will then give to the web developers to put in.

"Yes i understand, but the layout looks funny."

That went for about 15 minutes, untill i freaked out and said:
"I DO NOT talk about the front page anymore, untill u gave me your content. Thats it!"

Nedless to say, that they actually felt, that the web designer should write the content, as they are producing the web page! (yes... but only the layout and the CMS!)

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