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Wednesday December 19, 2018
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Funkyballs | posted 11-18-2004 | Number of Votes: 117  |  Current Rating: 2.58   

I had to create a 'price reduction' tear-off effect for Sharps Bedrooms winter sale a few years ago. You know the sort of thing: 'Price WAS ?1234' ...... 'Price NOW ?1134' and the transition is similar to a peeling piece of paper which reveals the amazing reduction underneath.
Well, I had a bit of time on my hands and was learning the job so I overdid it, scanning some torn paper, magnifying the fibres on the edge, and recreating it in 3 glorious dimensions. When it was displayed at PAL resolution none of my efforts could be seen, but I wasn't bothered as I had expected this, and being fairly new to the job put my extra efforts down as 'training & development'.
The next day the client came in to see the finished ad, and he paid a visit to my suite, so I let him see how I had made the edge of the paper--

client: 'What's that?'

me: 'It's torn paper fibre'

client: 'Well it doesn't look very much like paper fibre to me'

me: 'It doesn't have to, it's not visible on the ad, basically I'm just showing you how in-depth I've gone with your the job...'

client (beginning to boil): 'I don't care, make it realistic..'

me: 'But it really doesn't matter, nobody will see it - it'll be less than half a millimeter in width on the television!'

client (suddenly raging): 'SO WHAT! I'LL KNOW IT'S THERE - JUST DO IT!'

The guy was deep red, and as I thought his anger was a little displaced, I pretended to make a start on it as he stormed out of the room.
The very next day my director came in to the office to let us know that the client had suffered from a serious heart attack within an hour of leaving our facility.
How we laughed, picturing him clutching at his chest as he keeled over, thinking he'd made his mark in the world of advertising.

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