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Sunday January 26, 2020
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ecspurplecat | posted 11-25-2004 | Number of Votes: 70  |  Current Rating: 4.19   

Here are a few sucker punches from an art director for whom I worked:

AD: Can you choose the color somewhere in the wine family? (As she holds up the color wheel to the monitor)
Me: Sure. Pinot or Sangria?


AD: I don't like the squishiness of the page? (during a conference call w/other designers & developers)
Me, et al: Define Squishy
AD: You know, I move the browser window back and forth (she's expanding and contracting) and the text on top moves back and forth.
Me: Oh, you mean the liquid layout.
AD: Oh, that's a nice name you just made up.


AD: Move the text more about 1/8 inch to the left (as she holds a RULER to the monitor).

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