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Friday November 16, 2018
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Steve | posted 11-26-2004 | Number of Votes: 89  |  Current Rating: 2.41   

Offline Edit this week for a 60 second spot shot in hi-def. Offine on a Media Composer with a down converted Beta SP from the hi-def master on digi-beta. Online to be done the following week on a Quantel IQ suite.
Finish the offline and present to the client.

Client: "This picture looks like ass, and the footage is all red you're gonna have to do better than that because this is shit. It's not what I saw at the shoot."

Me: "This is just the offline, and it's at 3:1 compression from SP not digi-beta. I just need to get picture lock from you so I can send everything over to the IQ suite for color correction during the online."

Client: "Why exactly are you going to put this spot online, it's for television not the web?"

Me: (Having a stroke)"I have to online it with the original master tapes to bump it back up to hi-def. I can color correct it here but that's pointless really. You'd just be throwing money away because I'd have to redo it on the IQ anyway."

Client: "That still doesn't explain why you have to put it on line. Why does it have to go onto the web for you to fix the color and use the hi-def master?"

Me: ....

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