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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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jodie | posted 12-30-2004 | Number of Votes: 519  |  Current Rating: 4.47   

Client (male) cannot find company logo on his new PC. Tells me (female) that the PC has just been unpacked and has nothing but the OS on it. The only thing he has done is save the image file to the hard drive and now he cannot find it.

I decide to remote access his machine and track it down - easier than talking him through it.

I log in and we chat about how I can see everything on his screen and how weird it is for him seeing mouse move ect without him doing anything.

After looking in the more obvious places I confirm with him that it is a new machine with no user files on it and decide to do a search on the hard drive for all image files (he could not remember logo name or format), should be easy enought to spot.

What do you know, thousands upon thousands of image files - all porn with really obvious names.

Client: Silence.
Me: Muffled laughter.
Client: Silence.
Me: Muffled laughter.
Client: Um..... can you see the screen at the moment?
Me: Ah huh.
Client: I don't know who has been doing that!! I am going to find out who it was!!
Me: The date/time stamp on the files indicates that most of them were downloaded in the last hour or so if that helps.
Client: Oh.
Client: Silence.
Me: How about I just email you a copy of your logo that we have here?
Client: Yeah, that would be good.
Me: OK, so i'll send you the email and call you in about 1/2 an hour OK?
Client: No, thats OK, i'll work it from here.
Me: OK.

A few days later a college asked me what I had done to this client as they had rung for support and specifically asked not to be put through to me!!

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