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Monday July 13, 2020
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photoguy | posted 01-14-2005 | Number of Votes: 94  |  Current Rating: 2.89   

While working for a digital imaging software company and digital photo studio equipment supplier, a customer sent in their cpu with a work order stating that their "automatic cup holder" was broken. "Automatic cup holder?" I thought. I unpackaged the cpu tower from the box and it looked normal to me. But what was this "automatic cup holder" the customer was referring to? I plugged in the cpu and started it up. Everything appeared to be working just fine. I called the customer to confirm my findings and to ask why they had sent it in. The girl on the phone sighed in annoyance and said "the #^@*%$ cup holder doesn't come out when I press the open button!!" "What cup holder?!" I asked, "You mean the CD rom drive?".... silence.... "CD?" The girl replied quietly. I pressed the eject button on the CD drive and lo and behold it would not open. After our techs repaired the CD drive drawer, they reported on the work order "replaced automatic cup holder with CD rom drive. Do not place drinks on or around open CD rom drawer. Doing so will void future warranty."

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