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Friday November 15, 2019
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flipper | posted 02-21-2005 | Number of Votes: 67  |  Current Rating: 4.28   

While working for a fortune 200 company my team who was at the same time implementing oracle financials, migrating from an old version of adp (people soft) to a new implementation of people soft, maintaining a legacy financial system written in a language most people never heard of and spagetti coded from hell, as well as a number of other major projects all during the ramp up to Y2K (which according to management warrented no funds). During all of this we also had to relocate two seperate sites to a single new site (a story in it's own right). With all of this going on my team and I on much of what was our own personal time managed to write an intranet site to manage documentation, communications, a directory application, discussion forum for sales people, a content creation tool for hr and communications etc.. and a number of other at the time rather advanced features. We had a great oracle back end which also tied into a number of other systems and was a good solid design from the ground up. During this time another related division had been working on a site of their own and had hired one of my former employees who while a very good developer had no experience whatsoever with web based work and had created a nasty looking poorly functioning site via front page and using a number of freeware applications which were not well written and poorly implemented.

Both sites had been up and running for a while and the site from my team was clearly the better and more full featured site. As well as being a more functional and more thought out for future growth design it also looked tons better. Given all of this and the desire in future for both sites to hook into each other a meeting was called to discuss the future of the two sites, integration of them and put together some oversite cross division that could manage all of this.

In anticipation of the meeting my boss (and of note the boss of the IT staff for the other division as well) asked that I document the site (which of course had already been done) and to review the other site (a nightmare to say the least) and produce some documentation as to what may be needed to integrate the sites etc... The meeting was (for whatever political reason) to be lead by an exec from the other division who had little or no experience in IT related matters.

During the meeting we discussed what the capabilities of each site where (the other being basically none and mostly just static content created in front page). We presented our site showing that the data model was sound and completely usable by them. All that really needed to be done would be some branding and they could be up and running in no time with minimal effort.


I will never forget this as long as I live because I don't think I have ever been accused of it before and wasn't even sure it was possible. The leader of the meeting after seeing the site in action being presented with it's use and I think grasping the concept that it would save money by reducing the content creation time looked at me straight faced and said. "You're site is too professional..... what we want is something more dirty and home grown like ours....". What on gods green earth can you say to that (remember this is a fortune 200 company not some mom and pop shop). I just looked at my boss eyes like saucers in disbelief and simply sat down.

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