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Wednesday August 5, 2020
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flipper | posted 02-21-2005 | Number of Votes: 36  |  Current Rating: 4.03   

I don't think I will make the mistake of letting the client getting to involved in the design of a site again.

As a favor to one of my neighbors who owned a small company I decided to redesign his site for him. I kept him very involved and that was a tragic mistake. First off he advertises as a gay owned and operated company (he is married with 2 kids and not at all gay). So he thinks that making the site pink is a great idea (ummmm.... ok) so I come up with a decent color scheme and a logo (which to this point he didn't have at all). Of course he wants to change the colors of the text (all of which did not go well with pink...) Of course he also wants animated gifs and all sorts of other crappy hack stuff that no one likes on a website except the person desiging the site. He provides this to me (after mistakingly showing him how to right click and save as) to put all over his site. He then gets me to make a section with pictures of him from 20 years ago with his shirt off in various poses etc... (apparently the gay men whom he wants to attract as clients will like this...) I ask for some pictures of equipment he uses and he provides me with horrible snap shots which I manage to get into at least a useable state after hours.... of image editing. Of course he makes me change the clean images gets them all messed up and says use that.... After all of this (remember I offered to do it for free and have now invested tons of time in this monstrosity) I ask him to either provide his services at cost to me or to help me find someone reputable who can and is reasonably priced which apparently he couldn't be bothered to do after saying he would leaving me in a huge bind. After all of that he calls (I am no longer his neighbor and live in another state) and asks why some of his customers think the site sucks and asks if I can make some changes..... ummmm sure I'll get right on that.

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