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Monday October 15, 2018
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evilPenguin | posted 03-09-2005 | Number of Votes: 51  |  Current Rating: 3.58   

Well, Im at school where I take media and communication studies, and I just
helped translate a text for one of my fellow students; doing a print publication for
a local school...

Well, the thing looks horrible, she has used different fonts for each paragraph (and
I mean every ugly ass font ever created). Each page has its different style, and
when I commented on her using pictures in the background, behind the text,
might make the text unreadable; her reply was simply;

Well, I tried to add contrast to the image, but...

Furthermore, I dared to comment on the fact that there were NO margins from the
edge of the page, and the text; she simply stated that "[My client] just have to fix it
himself; he cant be that big of an airhead..."

(Me banging my head against the tabletop.)

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