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Sunday March 29, 2020
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chillywilly | posted 04-02-2005 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 3.01   

I work for a small US metal distributor and we are using a very old system that was Built on Access 2 of all things. This system was developed by the founder of our company over 11 years. We have ~16 locations nation-wide each with their own separate stand alone system. We do integrate things via the web using various desktop utilities. All branch managers can upload their stock, billing, etc. mdb files via some PHP web apps and via various batch files that use sFTP, etc. We also have a decent but non-feature complete website where one can purchase metal online.

So when discussing writing a new system that integrates the website with all the other organization functions our now current General Manager goes: "We need a centralized system but it can't be web-based." Gah!!!!!!!!!

Also another beautiful quote from the GM: "Home grown systems are a thing of the past". Even though the system we use now is home grown and has worked for some 20+ years. Also there is no decent software package out there to do what we need it to do! Arrrgh!!!!

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