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Friday June 5, 2020
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ssnyder | posted 04-08-2005 | Number of Votes: 181  |  Current Rating: 4.49   

So, several years ago, I'm meeting with a realtor at her offic, discussing the creation of a website a whole group of local realtors. In the midst of the conversation one of the other realtors overhears what we are discussing and chimes in,

"Oh, we already have a website that one of the realtor's husband made. Would it help to see what we already have."

I said sure and asked where the site was. She replied that she wasn't sure but she could go ask someone who did, and she promptly takes off into the back offices.

A few minutes later, she reappears and hands me a single sheet of paper saying, "Here's our website!"

On the front of the sheet are a few images and some text, it was obviously created in Word using clipart. So I ask if that is everything that they have and she replies, "Yes, that is our website."

Me, "Ok, what's the address that your website is at?"

Her, "No, that is the website." (Confused look starting to cross her face)

Me, playing along to figure out what's going on, "Ok, If I add onto this, I'm going to need the images that are on it. Do you know where they are?"

Her, "I think they are on (some other random realtor)'s computer."

Me, "But this site isn't online anywhere?"

Her, "What do you mean?"

Me, "This is just a printout from Microsoft Word, do you have an actual website on the internet somewhere?"

Her, "Word said that it made websites and we made that in Word. That is our website."

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