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Tuesday December 11, 2018
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DavidS38 | posted 04-11-2005 | Number of Votes: 31  |  Current Rating: 2.68   

While working tech support for a major cable/internet ISP i had a call from a client that just could not get online and was ready to quit the service. The customer had called in before, and the previous tech instructed him to install a NIC to bypass the usb connection because win98 would not load the driver. I asked the customer if he installed the nic and software and he said yes. After doing initial checks from our end the modem was online and working fine, looking into the customers pc, the nic was installed and drivers were working fine. Then I asked the customer to check the physical connectiion. He said it was still connected, to the USB! cable. Come to find out he purchased the nic but not a cat5 cable. He got back online after getting the cable..

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