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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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sammybaby | posted 04-11-2005 | Number of Votes: 76  |  Current Rating: 4.48   

Back when my company did web hosting (we're out of that business, thank the
gods), I got a phone call from the tech monkey of our most annoying client. The
client was prone to bizarre complaints: once, he insisted that his web site was
down and that we fix it because he was incapable of connecting to it from an office
in Beijing where he was giving a presentation. When I asked him to consult the
office's tech support people, his response was, "I can't do that! These people speak
Chinese!" (His site, naturally, was up, and I later sent him snippets of his own
access logs to demonstrate this to him.)

His monkey apologized for calling, uttered a disclaimer about being forced to by
his boss, and asked if we had any reason to believe his site had been hacked. I
didn't think so, so I asked him what led him to believe that he had. "Well," he said,
"we have a bunch of images in this directory, and they used to be in color, but now
they're in black and white. My boss asked me to call to ask if he'd been hacked."

I paused. "Are you asking me if I think that someone hacked into your web site and
replaced some of your color images with black and white ones?"

He sounded miserable. "I told you, he made me call you." Poor sap is still
there, as far as I know.

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