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Tuesday July 7, 2020
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zanfar | posted 04-26-2005 | Number of Votes: 136  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

I was working for a home/small business computer service company who also sold custom-built PCs. We were more expensive than the big-box stores, but prided ourselved on personal, attentive service.

A few hours after selling an average system to one of our customers, we recieved a phone call:

Customer: "Hello, I just bought this computer from you guys, but it's put together wrong."

Me (alarms going off in head): "I'm sorry you are having problems, I've never heard of this particular complaint before, can you describe the problem in more detail?"

Customer: "Sure, the CD-ROM is installed upside-down."

At this point I was pretty sure I had a live one. But being the service company we are, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, she was after all, a very pleasant person to deal with.

Me: "Well, that certainly seems like a problem, I didn't think that was possible. I hate to inconvieniance you, but if you could bring the machine back down to our location, we'll take a look while you wait, covered under waranty, of course."

Customer: "Sure thing."

About 15 minutes later the customer walked in with her machine. We set up the machine on our bench and powered it up to test the CD-ROM (which on visual inspection, was installed correctly). About 20 seconds later, in a small, embarrased voice we heard from behind us,

Customer "Oh, it goes that way?"

The customer had installed her machine upside-down. the kicker is, out cases at that time had rounded tops, so she would have had to prop it up on both sides.

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