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Tuesday August 4, 2020
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lbv | posted 05-10-2005 | Number of Votes: 96  |  Current Rating: 4.63   

At my former job, I inherited a client from a co-worker who was moving away. She warned me that they had some pretty strange requests.

Client: I asked [your former co-worker] to add our web address at the bottom of each page and she wouldn't do it. Would you add it and make it really big?

I explained that I didn't think it was necessary to have your web address listed on your web site.

Client: Well, what if someone is browsing the site and they get a phone call and have to turn off their computer, how will they ever figure out how to find us again?

Me: They can look in the address bar and see your web address there. They could also catalog you in their Favorites.

Client: What are you talking about? What's an address bar? I don't know what that is.

I explain what the address bar is.

Client: No one will ever know to look there. I wouldn't. Add the web address at the bottom.


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