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Wednesday September 18, 2019
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spleen | posted 05-24-2005 | Number of Votes: 43  |  Current Rating: 4.32   

I just got a call from a client that's in the absolute final phase of design. Everything has been approved and all I have to do is FTP the site (and some minor tweaks). But the *design* is done.

Well today I get a call:

"Hey. Can we use the old page design?"

me "Um, what would you like to use on that?"

him "the whole thing. The red white & blue, the waving flag, all of it."

me "Um, do you want this entire design across the board for all the pages or only for the main page, or do you want to go with the new design we were working with?" (gritting teeth entire time)

him: "The whole thing. You like that?"

me: "Uh, we can do whatever you want but it's going to add more to the cost because we already finished the design phase." (Like, LAST YEAR!)

him: "oh well then don't do anything now, but save all the old stuff because maybe we'll do this later."

me (still recovering from adrenal dump of cortisol): "Sure, no problem."


This is why conslting sucks. Now I have to go play Ze Frank's communication video to cheer up:

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