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Wednesday September 18, 2019
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Fat Rabbit | posted 05-24-2005 | Number of Votes: 40  |  Current Rating: 3.80   

After 12 multi-directional, from vibrant to soothing designs for a "sister" company, the comments from client (female, 40, single) have been consistent: "Everyone has commented along the lines of boring/terrible."

When my boss and I went for the meeting, we found out "boring" meant one picture on top of the other.

So we alternate, image left and text right then image right and text left...
client: yah, looks much better, not so boring...

moving on, client: it's boring because the info all the same...
me: we have sent you 3 emails requesting for more information, this was gathered from the current one.
client: yeah that's why everyone says it's boring. Reading the same thing. But the text is not going to change, quite stagnant *looks at me for answers*
me: well, is there new text?
client: i have to check with the other departments
me: *scratch head* (thinking: i sent you 3 emails, telling you that! You lazy bitch!)*smiles*

client: why is every picture the same?
me: that is just an example *half-smiling*
client: AB shouldnt be in CD, and AB shouldnt be in EF...
Boss: It's just an example, we'll update later
client: that's why everyone was saying so boring and terrible...

the meeting had a slow slow and almost unsteady progress. It lasted a repetitive 3 hours. The project was finally lauched 8 months since we started on Design V1...and Boss says there might be another revamp next year...

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