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Tuesday September 17, 2019
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joham | posted 06-04-2005 | Number of Votes: 87  |  Current Rating: 4.58   

My company won a website and print job for a mid-sized client, but we also
inherited their computer support unofficially - ie, they would call us any time they
had an issue.

Their whole IT infrastructure was installed at great cost by a previous company,
who had obviously cut corners everywhere. They pulled no ethernet - just wired it
all up with wireless points, usb wireless cards and internet connection sharing
from one of the PCs using a USB modem and Windows' built in sharing ability.

Needless to say, it was a mess and never worked properly.

I was called in to work on their connection and asked for details:

Me: I need the WEP key, admin login and other info.
Client: We don't have that, it was never given to us. (this is true, the WEP password
was saved in each PC on the network, but no one was actually told what it was).
Me (phones other company that installed the thing).
Hello, I need the wep passwords. login info and so on.
Them: errrr... we don;t have that.
Me: What about the wireless access point? What brand is it? How do I access it? (it
was a plain beige box with no external markings at all)
Them: err, we don't know. It should be pretty standard. We think the password is
whatever the default is. Google for the password and you should find it.
Me: so, you're asking me to Google for a password that you may or may not have
changed on a white box access point that I don't have a model number or brand
name for?
Them: yes.
Me: right. (hangs up, goes to store, buys new access point and starts from fresh).

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