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Wednesday September 19, 2018
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Fat Rabbit | posted 06-06-2005 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 3.27   

Brace yourselves, this is a long one...

The website design was confirmed and the flowchart was confirmed during the second meeting. The next morning, I followed up with a softcopy of the confirmed flowchart. Later that day, client wants to add more pages to the CONFIRMED flowchart and asked us to do some free copywriting for their bio. We had to comply out of "good relations". The next day, client emails, wants to add even more pages and reorganise here, there, everywhere! As we have accomodate change #1, therefore change #2 will hv to be accomodated (&%^^$^%#!!!). And so we rushed to work on the site...

1 week before launch, 3rd meeting was all fine and dandy but we lack info for all the new pages. Client passes me a stack of hard-copy brochures: "take page 1, product A intro and specs, scan page 3 image, you notice it's similar to page 4 and..." i brought back more than 10 brochures, filled with colour-tabs, to office.

Everything was in a mess of course, flowchart was sketchy as it does not tally with the brochure info. But we followed all of the client's instructions. After the amendments, we realise only 90% is filled up (fucked...). So i had to contact Client but his inbox was full and his line was always engaged and his employees says he's either tied up in a meeting or out for an appointment...(double fucked...)

Day of launch, Boss calls me in...shit, judgement day. While we "discussed" the course of this project, client sent an email asked to postpone...i was speechless...

2 months since missing the launch, the new marketing person they were supposed to hire, turn out to be speculation; one of their managers took over (pleeeease tell me u're kidding...). I had to start from scratch and the flowchart went over another 10 or 20 modifications. All the text and images we scanned from the brochures, only 15% were left untouched, the rest deleted (time and effort down the drain...)

3 days before new dateline, what was to be the last meeting, client (the manager) "forgot" to pass me some new image and text info for one section. she agrees to send via email.

12 hours before launch, no info (after calling for the past 2 days). Client emails me she would be on leave until next week, and will be back 3 days after what we agreed was the new lauch date.

Boss was pissed, asked me to type an ultimatum. I typed an ultimatum, postponing the launch by 1 week, the last dateline.

The next day, client emails me all defensive. Her boss (Alias #1) emails me all defensive and Client's big boss emails me asking the rest of their company to give the manager all their support.

*Online riot now huh!* No one else sent me an email after that...hehee...what support?!

Boss calls me in and asks me why are these clients complaining. He said it was the ultimatum that got them all worked up. *Go ahead and charge them, ya moron!* I smiled and told him, "Ya told me to give them an ultimatum." He had nothing to say.

The next week, e mananger sent the rest of the info as they should 2 months ago:)

...but no, it hasnt end! :(

2 days before launch, client's big boss wants logo changed...whatthefuck...The logo we used was a free revision that's on their current website (which we also did, sigh...). Their old logo they use for their corporate stationery belonged to the about 3 more amendments...

And they sent the logo in jpg?! Ya i required for the right format. They got back to me on the day of the launch. Alas, my designer is on MC...hahaha!

Well, my boss is on MC today (guess he's sick of them too). And my just-got-well designer replaced the logo...of course, the "new" logo didnt fit into our very cutting-edge, hi-tech, 2005 design. Even our programmers think so!

Sigh, 2 months and 12 days later, the website's still not launched. I gave up crossing my fingers! If i'd charge just $50 for every working day of delay, i would've been abt $2,500 richer! Somebody send me a cheque, damnit!

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