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Thursday October 18, 2018
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Rouschkateer | posted 06-20-2005 | Number of Votes: 86  |  Current Rating: 4.43   

I have a user that takes about 3 hours of one on one general computer use every time she needs to do something new. When it was rumoured she was going to get a digital camera, the entire Help Desk was dismayed. With me having the most customer service (patience, is what they meant) they delgated me to the task of setting it up and showing her how to upload pictures to the network, shared folders, etc.
(After two months) 8 hours of physical contact, two hours of tele-conferencing, and multiple documents later, she takes 14 pictures of new employees, turns, and goes to upload the pictures. Minutes later, she pulls me out of General Orientation class, explaining that all of the pictures were deleted, even after she allegedly saved them. After doing a comprehensive search of her hard drive, and then shared network folders, I asked her where she thinks she put them. She proudly pointed to a new shortcut called "New Employee Pics" on her desktop. Groaning inwardly, I double-clicked on the shortcut, and of course, it was mapped to the drive the digital camera used.
"Did you keep the pictures on the camera?" I asked, knowing the answer.
"Why, no. Every time I checked the folder, they were in there. I deleted the ones off of the camera and turned it off. I tired to open the folder, but it said it wasn't accessable. Where did the pictures go?"
No way was I going to delve into the intracacies of networks and local hard drives as well as removable drives (AGAIN). I gave her the nickle tour and told her she would have to re-take the pictures. I know she still doesn't get it.

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