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Sunday December 16, 2018
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jaqy | posted 06-24-2005 | Number of Votes: 121  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

Recently, I had some problems with my employer not being "family friendly" and decided to quit and start my own business. They decided to beat me to it and fired me. Unaware that I had planned this for some time, they changed all my logins and passwords and had someone guard my desk so I couldn't touch the computer.

A few days later, they called me and asked me to please fix something on their website as I was there such a long time no one else knows how to do it. So I say, I can't log in. They say, don't you remember your password, you were here over 3 years! Duh, you changed it. So they issued me new names and passwords for everything with limited access. So I tell them i can't change this without full access. They change my access. What was the point in changing them in the first place?

It gets better. They call me frequently for these little questions or changes and start getting frustrated that I don't do them right away. So then they tell me I work for them and need to get to their work immediately. I remind them I in fact do NOT work for them, and they will need to wait their turn. So then they ask me if I would like to come work in their office a few days a week to get these things taken care of and get more money. Sounds like a day job to me, so I decline. They ask, why, have you gotten a new job? Did they think food was free?

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