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Tuesday October 23, 2018
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Mike | posted 09-06-2004 | Number of Votes: 124  |  Current Rating: 2.44   

I run an online shop. I receive an order from the USA, it is paid for, but there are two different shipping addresses. I contact the buyer and ask for the correct address, his reply is:

"That's okay the other one is from my AOL account, so that's okay!"

Still a bit baffled, I send the item to the PAYPAL address given.

3 months later I am contacted by him to be informed that the item has not arrived. I send him a copy of the invoice again and get him to confirm his details, his reply:

"That is NOT my address!"

I e-mail him, expalining that this was the address he gave me to post the parcel to, and also the address he has on his eBay and paypal account, I receive no response.

A week later I e-mail him again, asking has he received the item or not? His reply

"No, I have, my mail box is somewhat small, it may be at the post office."

Now I'm starting to get mad, this guy is on drugs or something, so I put in a lost mail claim and just a few days later the parcel is returned undelivered. I manage finally to get the correct address and resend the parcel, he gets it, and finally all is well with the world. But, NO! Royal Mail are now looking for the missing parcel still, the one THEY have returned to me, and with a chance bit of luck they pay me ?28 for the missing parcel! HAHA! All's well that ends well as they say, as for the buyer:


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