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Tuesday August 4, 2020
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Luke | posted 07-19-2005 | Number of Votes: 76  |  Current Rating: 4.54   

Working on a capabilities supplement to be packaged along with a prexisting sales
brochure for an equipment manufacturer. During a review meeting the VP of
marketing (whom we have had problems with since day one) for the company
begins to rant how we have not made effective use of the space.

me: would you like to add more copy? (there is some white space in the bottom
white above their address and below where the copy ends)

VP: No! thats all the copy I want, we just want to fill the white space. I was thinking
something like this would look nice down there.

He handed me an 11 x 14 printout of a smiley face emoticon blown up and
degraded to fill the page. He then sat back and smiled smugly and without a hint
of irony as if to show his superiors who had the real design skills in the room

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