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Sunday September 23, 2018
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4pm | posted 07-20-2005 | Number of Votes: 72  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

I work for a upmarket designer furniture retail store on Tottenham Court Road, London UK. I recently had a customer call up to order a large garden Parasol. He requested one just like we had in the window, which was big red and round. Soon after it was delivered to his house, and I recieved a call from him in a fit of rage. He was complaining the wrong thing had be delivered, he had recieved a big red round parasol just like it said on the order form. He claimed to have ordered a rectangular one, but we never did one nor ever sold one, but I said I'd look into it...
I went to the window to see the parasol, and sure enough it was big red and round. I asked the manager "no we have never sold one" but because he was so adament, I called the owner of the store "no never heard of such a thing!"
so after that I called the customer back, to explain the situation, but with that he let fly in anger accusing me of lying and demanding me to find this rectangular parasol and get it to him asap. even though I kept telling him we never sold one, nor ever had sold one, nor could order one, "You're lying, I saw it with my very own eyes! It was in the window the other day! You're lying!".
He then started demanding the manager, so I put him through. the customer then hurled abuse at the manager accusing him of lying, changing the window display on purpose, and then threatened to come in the next day "to prove you wrong".
we looked forward to his coming.
he never came, for obvious reasons that the parasol never existed in the first place.
It so happened that a month later I was flicking through a homes magazine only to find an advert for a shop a few doors up the road selling exactly that, a big red rectangular parasol.
I had to laugh, as well as everyone else.

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