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Monday July 15, 2019
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bigoletruk | posted 07-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 64  |  Current Rating: 3.76   

Scene: [Working as a web developer in the online banking area at a LARGE financial institution. Creating a new online form.]

Legal Dept: We need to make sure this legal disclaimer is conspicuous.

Me: Okay, per our styleguide, we put all disclaimers in small type at the bottom of the form.

Legal: That's too small. It needs to be more obvious. Can you make it bigger?

Me: No, per our styleguide, the disclaimer text cannot be altered.

Legal: Well, can you make it all CAPS?

Me: Sure, I guess so.

[I make the disclaimer all CAPS and send over for review]

Legal: It still isn't bold enough. Can you make it red?

Me: Make the text red? No, our styleguide doesn't allow for red text.

Legal: How about blinking? Can you make the disclaimer blink?

Me: [trying not to laugh out loud at the thought of red blinking text on a bank's website] No, absolutely not.

Legal: Okay, well I guess all CAPS will have to do.

[rolling eyes]

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