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Friday November 16, 2018
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deyo | posted 08-18-2005 | Number of Votes: 49  |  Current Rating: 3.84   

I work in a software company. We sometimes sell hardware and provide support for hardware, but rarely, and we never sell just the hardware without our software package.
Telephone call...
Client: Is that company X?
I: yes, how can I help you?
Client: I am calling from company Y. Our machine is not working!
I: (puzzled, I am not sure at this point whether we sold hardware to them, but I want to see what is the problem) Can you be more specific?
Client: You know, machine! (At this time she is raising her voice)
I: What kind of machine? Computer, printer...
Client: Our copy machine is not working, I can not copy a document.
I: (We never sell copy machines, so this definitly is not our problem) We did not sell any copy machine to you, and we do not fix them.
Client: Yes, you did, your boss, what's-his-name, sold it to us. (Se actually can not remember our boss' name)
I: Okay, why don't you call my boss and explain it to him...

Later I found out that she called my boss, and he explaind her again that there is no chance that we sold the copy machine, and told her where they can fix it.

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