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Friday November 16, 2018
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Kiuan | posted 09-09-2005 | Number of Votes: 59  |  Current Rating: 2.05   

That was my mother looking for a URL she read in a fashion newspaper.

Mum: Hey, what's the hell? It's about 10 mins I turned on the pc and the screen is still black.

Me: what did you do?

Mum: I pressed the button to turn it on.

Me: sgrunt, what have you done, this computer was working yesterday evening when I turned it off.

Mum: nothing nothing, I only pressed this button to get it started

Me: which button?

Mum: (pointing at the monitor) This one.

Me: Uhmm... mum this is quite seriously. Haven't you pressed anything else?

Mum: (quite afraid) No! no! I swear! nothing else! Have I broken it?

Me: I think you owe me a new pc... (:D)

Mum: (chatting low voice) I really don't trust those techy things.


Mum has always seen my PC turned on so she can't really know that's a ON button to press ... I really think that she doesn't know there is a case under my desk.....

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