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Tuesday October 23, 2018
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Kiuan | posted 09-09-2005 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 3.62   

Some years ago, during the great web rush, I worked as trainer teaching some WYSIWYG software, photoshop but also word, excel and so on.
One of our clients was a lawyer that left his job to open a webagency. Sic. He knews nothing about computers and tech stuff. he bought a whole training packet from how-to-start-windows-98 to MCDBA certification, AD PERSONAM. I made some of web-related classes, so it was supposed to know what's a PC and so on. Here's what happened one day during Dreamweaver class:

ME: ..and here's how to save and put your files on the server by this Dreamweaver option ... *yatta yatta* ... and so you can retrieve it from the server if anyone has checked it out ... *yatta yatta* ... so if your server use sourcesafe ...

HIM: ...err.. ok. All clear.

ME: any question?

HIM: no... err.. no. But... what's a server?

ME: the server is the place you save the files when you want to show them on the internet ( after so many classes, including an MS introduction to networking class, I supposed him to know what is a server )

HIM: ...ah uh... And how it's.

ME: sorry?

HIM: what's made of?

ME: (:-???) it a computer, what do you mean?

HIM: but how it is?

ME: (a little upset) Please come with me

-- I get out the class, opened the door in front of a wondered secretary and pointed at one of our servers --

ME: this is a server

HIM: ...uh... it's a computer.

ME: *long silence* --- I'm still wondering what the hell he thought a server was.....

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