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Thursday November 15, 2018
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Kins | posted 09-13-2005 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.15   

Among other things, I design and edit a twice-a-month publication for a rural
business, relatively small - about 200 employees. Since I am very busy I often have
to work on things at home or on the road.

Every week I have to ask this client to EMAIL me their corrections to the proof that I
email to them. I even let them off easy - they don't have to mark-up the pdf that I
send, they can just type what they want changed in an e-mail (they don't really
know how to use commenting tools).

Creating this publication takes a minumum of 8 hours each time. Then there's
another few hours fixing any corrections or adding in last minute content (about
pot lucks and other extremely ***important*** company info.).

I have to ask the client every time to please e-mail me the instructions because 1. I
have in writing what they need changed, and 2. I can work on it more efficiently. I
can't just sit there and make changes while they're on the phone, and if they tell
me the changes over the phone I just have to write them down anyway.

Today I get this E-MAIL from client: I just left you a voicemail with the changes;
there were only three. I just think it's too time-consuming to e-mail you the
changes, it takes too long to type all of that out. So if you need anything else, just
call me.

WTF? You just sent me an email that was longer than what it would have been with
changes!!! And... apparently they can't take the time to type out changes, but it's
ok for me to spend my time doing things the long and inefficient way. (BTW, I am
salaried at my job and don't get paid any extra for work I do on my own time).

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