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Tuesday September 22, 2020
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finbarr | posted 09-23-2005 | Number of Votes: 39  |  Current Rating: 3.80   

what's the internet?

Arranged a client meeting (to be held at his house) to show him the latest developments on his site. Stressed the fact that we had to be able to access the internet from his home computer as my laptop didnt have mobile access.
Got there, turned on his computer myself (as he didnt know how) to find no internet connection. Called him into the room and asked him what was going on. He pointed at the screen and said: "Yes, Internet" (he was brazilian).I told him that the computer being on did not signify an internet connection. "oh?"
That was bad enough but knowing I had to show him stuff online I asked him if there was an internet cafe nearby. He said there was. So we had our meeting based on what I could show him from my laptop and straight after headed off up the road to the internet cafe.
It wasnt an internet cafe... just a cafe!

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