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Saturday June 6, 2020
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simonwh | posted 09-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 79  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

I'm freelance but also work via agencies who make it their life's work to send me insane!

First example:

Agency: we have a client that needs a web site 'finishing'

Me: what do you mean by 'finishing'

Agency: well they've had someone working on it and it's nearly all done but just, you know, needs finishing.

Me (with impending sense of doom): OK

Agency: They can't afford much so I've just put you down for a day.

I turn up at the Client and am given a 35 slide Powerpoint file!!!!

Not a jpeg or snippet of HTML in sight!


Same agency but new (very important) client.

The new client is launching a new quarterly publication (300+ pages) and an associated web site.

After an initial couple of meetings we nail down the design and budget. Fairly painless so far and I've been working from home.

Then when I get the go ahead the financial director suddenly insists that I work from their offices so they can keep an eye on the hours I'm doing.

OK, a bit of a pain but nothing to problematic.

Until I turn up for Day 1. I'm taken to a desk with a Dell PC, 15" monitor and only MS office loaded onto it.

When I complain that I need something a bit better and list the software packages I need I'm told: "well you'll have to bring it in yourself, the budget is tight enough as it is"


(I don't deal with that agency anymore)

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