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Monday October 22, 2018
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gc | posted 10-07-2005 | Number of Votes: 91  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

An employee of my client (a brokerage firm), had convinced his company to back a project idea of his own. I was called down to hear their website design ideas to confirm they were doable.

After repeatedly asking what purpose, product ..etc the website will be focused on.. they would only say "we'll get to that later."

Ninety minutes of answering basic questions about our design capabilities and being told how "corporately professional" they want the site to look.. the purpose of the site was revealed in the following quote:

"We appreciate your time, and have decided to go forward with this project. You will of course handle the website development for our new venture. Foot fetishism is a serious market, and we are eager to provide an invaluable gateway to every last pervy footmonger out there."

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