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Friday November 15, 2019
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simonwh | posted 10-21-2005 | Number of Votes: 63  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

Not so much of a stupid client comment as just a stupid client!

I get a call from an existing, and fairly important, client asking me to give 'his brother' a call. His brother wants a web porthole (his exact phrase) for his engineering company. They'd just put in a bid for a multi-million pound contract and thought it would add to their credibility.

We spent an hour or so on the phone discussing various options and he was particularly interested in a clients account section where he could post updates and drawings for various projects.

It was clear, though, that a face to face meeting was going to be necessary. So off I go with a folder full of ideas for the 300 mile round trip. (if his brother wasn't such a good client I wouldn't have bothered)

When I get there we start to go over the ideas and he nods in all the right places. Then, after about 40 minutes, he says. "We've thought about it and we think we just need an email address for now"

Me: So you don't want to go ahead with the web site?

Him: Not just yet.

A full day and 300 miles travelling for a poxy domain registration! And he didn't even pay the invoice!

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