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Wednesday September 19, 2018
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ruzkin | posted 11-15-2005 | Number of Votes: 65  |  Current Rating: 4.34   

I walk into work one morning, and a woman from a neighbouring department runs up to me, very flustered.
"You have to come help!" she says. "Quick, quick!"
"What's happened, has your computer crashed?" I ask, exasperated.
"No, no... all my pictures for the report... they shrunk overnight!"
I'm confused as hell, so I follow her to her computer. "See! See!" she says. "They all shrunk!"
I reach over to the mouse and fiddle with the mousewheel. "No... you just ZOOMED OUT. Look, I'll zoom back in to normal size."
I show her how to use the mousewheel, and her 100% genuine reaction was "Oh wow, you fixed it! You're a genius! You young people nowadays..."

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