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Thursday September 20, 2018
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ryanm | posted 12-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 76  |  Current Rating: 4.44   

I can't even count the number of times I've had this conversation with older computer users over the phone.

ME: Click the Start menu.
THEM (without hesitation): I don't have that!
ME: Yes you do. It's at the bottom left of your screen.
THEM: ...
ME: Do you see the word 'Start' at the bottom left of your screen?
THEM: ...
ME: ...
THEM: Oh, that thing with the little squigly next to it!
ME: *sigh* Yes.
THEM: You want me to click it?
ME: Yes, please.
THEM: Right or left click?
ME: Left click. (Sometimes I explain that if I don't say 'right click' then they can assume it's a left click, but that never sinks in.)
THEM: Okay, now what?
ME: Click on Programs.
THEM (without hesitation): I don't have that!
ME: Yes you do. Look at each item on the menu until you see it.
THEM: ...
ME: ...
THEM: Oh there it is! Okay, click on it?
ME: Yes.
THEM: Left or right click?
ME: ... *sigh*

It carries on like this the entire phone conversation. Sadly, I have this conversation with my mother about twice a year even though she has been using computers for over ten years and can make some really impressive PowerPoint presentations.

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