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Friday December 14, 2018
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boston | posted 12-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 48  |  Current Rating: 4.40   

Real Estate Warning...

This same real estate company, for whom we were doing the branding and advertising for their new apartment block on their books.

Brief from LAST YEAR when we did their own logo and branding:

Here are the colours (wife, the interior designer, hands over wine label). We want these colours. (full stop, no arguments or opinions brooked). We want the logo to be soft, human, warm, different to every other real estate company. We're different, we are there for our customers, not like the others. We're personal and won't be doing commercial work. We want to talk to the people. We don't want it block and hard like the other RE companies. etc etc

So we design the logo (after 50 zillion variations and their frankensteining of the logo until I hate it and it is wrong under all the rules of design but they won't listen). *sigh*

THIS YEAR the CEO mentions...

We want to redesign our logo. It's too soft, it doesn't stand out. Everyone else has strong logos in squares and rectangles. That's what we want. And the colours. They're too soft, they fade in comparison to everyone else's. Oh, and we're moving away from residential and doing almost 100% commercial. We need a harder logo, this one is wishy-washy. We'll call you when we're ready.


Oh, I'm not ready, will never be ready to go through that hell again. It's the most author's alterations I'd ever done (and for no good reason) and yet they still quibbled over the money.

Nope... we've sacked that client. As soon as the last cheque clears, sayonara!

And from what I hear, most real estate companies are similar - want everything they want, don't want to pay for it, and will blame you for anything negative after the fact.

*sigh* argghhhhh *sigh*

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