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Wednesday September 18, 2019
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donoyoni | posted 01-19-2006 | Number of Votes: 146  |  Current Rating: 2.34   

Ikea stories...

Me, 5 hours ago: These are the pieces you want. You have 2 different papers in your hands: This one here lists the location and quantity of several pieces: row and section. You must take them yourself, and pay at the cashier along with the other paper.

Easy enough? well... 16 minutes. It took me sixteen g*ddamned minutes to make a f***ng rotting s*n of a b***ch understand it. But of course, donoyoni must be kind, donoyoni cannot say READ THE F****NG ADVICES OR THE BL**DY CATALOGUE AND LEAVE ME F***NG ALONE YOU M****RF***ER!!!!!!!!! BEAT IT YOU DISGUSTING ANALPHABET ABN*RMAL PIECE OF SH*T!!!!!! Of course not. I have nothing else to do and the others clients have nothing better to do that queuing for half an hour because some USELESS PARASITE won't bother to read the bl*sted info displayed EVERYWHERE. MORON!!!!! I'LL DRINK YOUR BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew... sorry about it, i needed that. Real stress, oh god...

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