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Wednesday July 18, 2018
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theanchorman | posted 03-10-2006 | Number of Votes: 149  |  Current Rating: 4.38   

I worked for a series of nondescript networking startups in the 90s and early 2000s. At one of these, we had a full time techincal recruiter. As we all know, recruiters are brain surgeons.

We had an Exchange server (because the CEO wanted it). For the first two years we were relatively small and we didn't have any issues with the server. After a couple years, we decided we needed a better box (than the $2000 workstation we'd been given to run Exchange). Before we could buy one, we had to take steps to make the current one better. One of the steps we took was to ask users to check the little box that says "automatically empty trash upon exit."

Next day I get a furious call from the techincal recruiter: "What did you do to my resume files??" I assured him I did nothing. He, still furious, shouts that all of his important resumes were gone, and we'd have to restore from backup. At that point, restoring from backup meant building a replica network with replica domain controllers and a replica Exchange server. Not wanting to waste my time, I ask him if the folder he stored the resumes in was still there. Yes, he responds, still shouting, but now it's empty.

Little alarms start going off.

The ass was storing his important resumes in the trash. And then HE checked the button that says "Empty trash on exit." I guess the checkbox label was too ambiguous for him. And I flatly refused to jump through all those hoops to restore his trash.

In our first (but not last) round of layoffs, imagine my shock at seeing his name...

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