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Friday November 15, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #4232

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benw | posted 03-14-2006 | Number of Votes: 276  |  Current Rating: 1.98   

Client: Hey I broke down and bought a new Dell. It is suppose to deliver today
Client: question, what is the easiest way to transfer files from my old machine to the new one?
Me: ummmm.. airplane
Client: What?
Me: Ship your Dell to Hawaii and have a local drop in a volcano.
Client: lol, why is that?
Me: We must sacrafice all Dells in order to make the computing world a better place
Client: It is an xps system
Me: I know nothing of Dell's acronyms, Dell is only one letter from Hell... Coincidence? I think not.
Client: Now {NAME} I like the system. it has a pentium D chip.
Me: (bitting my toung, trying not to blurt out)... omg .. Does "D" stand for dumbass?
Me: Cast the devil spawn into it's makers throat... The aforementioned volcano that is.
Client: I upgraded the memory and hard drive.
Me: Great, you payed more money for the same thing.

Keep in mind the following quotes:
"Hey I broke down and bought a new Dell. It is suppose to deliver today"
"Now {NAME} I like the system"

How does one know if they like something before one sees/uses it ???

(DWD) Down With Dell!

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