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Friday December 14, 2018
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partition | posted 03-14-2006 | Number of Votes: 74  |  Current Rating: 3.97   

Working in a computer sales/repair store. A co-worker completes the repair of a computer, the customer picks it up, takes it home, and comes back the same day.

Customer: Everything works great, but I'm pretty upset that I found porn on my computer.
-- call up the manager
Manager: We assure you that it wasn't us. To complete your repair we didn't need to connect to the internet.
Customer: Well it wasn't me. (he's a pastor)
Manager: Do you remember who worked on your computer?
Customer: I think it was a guy named Ray.
Manager: Was it naked ladies or naked men?
Customer: (confused at the question) Umm.. ladies.
Manager: Okay, well, it wasn't Ray, he's gay. (not a lie)
-- after a brief talk, the customer left
-- later that evening we get a call from him
Customer: I want to apologize... etc, etc.
-- turns out it was his 16 yr old kid

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