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Monday March 25, 2019
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girldownhere | posted 03-15-2006 | Number of Votes: 67  |  Current Rating: 1.99   

so we've had this flat screen tv, a 24" i think for a looong time at the services department in best buy, where i work. the problem with it is that it has no power chord! so we can't ship it out for repairs or put it back on the sales floor until we get a power chord for it, of course.

and it's a Konka. konka shmonka.

so i go about the standard way to handle such an issue, and call best buy partsearch. but of course, they don't carry replacement parts for konka products, and checked anyway, and i checked at their website, too. no parts for the konka tv's.

so then i refer to the tv manual, and it comes with a warranty sheet saying how any parts will be replaced free of charge if still under warranty. so i call the number that was printed on that same sheet, that was supposed to be their customer service, and i get this machine that says, "welcome to Insignia...." i even tried a few more times to dial that number on the konka warranty sheet, and kept getting insignia. so i ignored that, and went on with the phone menu. it asked if i needed replacement parts, so i hit whatever number. THEN i hear, "welcome to best buy partsearch..."!

it doesn't help that the konka website is all in chinese and its contact information are all international numbers. and that poor tv is still sitting in our services department, with no hope.

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