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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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Mofo | posted 04-18-2006 | Number of Votes: 141  |  Current Rating: 3.58   

This takes place in a musical gear rental shop:

Lady calls saying we gave her the wrong microphone; we ask wich model of
microphone she s got ; after close to 10 minutes we manage to get the brand and
type of mic, and according to what she want s to do with it (little family reunion),
the mic is just perfect for the job.

So we ask her what is wrong with the mic:
Lady- The cable won t fit
US- In the mic of in the plug ?
L- The plug
U- Ok, what kind of plug is it ? RCA, 1/4 ", XLR ?
L- ..........
U- (describing all model) ....and XLR got 3 little hole in the...
L- that s the one !
U- XLR it is; so, is your mic cable XLR too ?
L- ......... not, it s got 3 pins, not 3 holes
U- That s an XLR too, the 3 pins goes inside the 3 holes
L- That s what i m trying but it won t fit
U- mmmmm, you are sure it won t fit ?
L- I ve tried for more than 15 minutes !!!
U- Okay then, what kind of mixer are you tring to plug it in ?
L- ......mixer ?
U- (us describing a mixer..... long and boring)
L- I don t have a mixer
U- you are pluging directly to the amplifier ?
L- ...........amplifier ?
U- (us describing an amplifier..... long and boring)
L- I don t have an amplifier
U- Madam, where are you trying to plug your mic ?
L- Well, in the plug of course ! (with a definite tone of "we are the retards"...)
U- And this plug is where exactly ?
L- On the wall of course !

she was trying to plug the mic directly to an AC outlet......
If you ever wondered why there is so many different connecter, i guess one of the
reason is to avoid casualties among the clueless........

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