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Tuesday August 4, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #45

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oxygen | posted 08-20-2004 | Number of Votes: 407  |  Current Rating: 4.32   

client: why is our contact page not coming up?? there is just your logo with some text under it...
me: well did you read the text??
client: no...
me: please read the text and get back to me.
client(2 minutes later): what the hell do you mean, by 'this section has been taken down because of failure to complete contract'??
me: let's see, the contract was for ,500 and you paid us ,000. so cut us a check and we'll upload the file.
client: i'll just get someone to finish for me!! (click)
two weeks later...
client: no one we've talked to said they we do it for less than ,000 and it will take 2 weeks.
(probably because it says they wouldn't pay)
me: well i'll do it for k and it will be up in 5 minutes. you decide.
the site was taken down, because they didn't pay their hosting company one week later

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