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Wednesday August 5, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #4573

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artamnesia | posted 06-26-2006 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 3.27   

Account Manager: Please make our page 290 wide by 435 high so that the client can load it in their iframe.

Yours Truly: That's going to be a problem. 290 pixels wide is very small and our content is about 650 pixels wide (something I can't touch) and every page height is different depending on what is on it.

Account Manager: OK - then forget the height and just adjust the width.

Yours Truly: OK, I put our content into a container set at 100% so it should conform to whatever size their iframe is set at, down to about 650 pixels..

Account Manager (about an hour later): Is this larger than our usual page? Please make this page smaller.

Yours Truly: The width is set at 100%. If you resize your browser window you'll see the content will adjust to fit it, but only down to about 650 pixels.

Account Manager (about an hour later): The client says they don't want horizontal scroll bars showing, can you make this page the same width as someotherpage.htm?

Yours Truly: But.....but...someotherpage.htm is 760 pixels wide! So...they want to get rid of the horizontal scroll in their iframe, but they want me to make it bigger?

*Inner screams of agony*

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