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Friday November 16, 2018
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katy | posted 07-27-2006 | Number of Votes: 66  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

me: support center, me speaking. may i have your username please?
him: tsmith
me: so... *typing* am i speaking with tracy smith?
him: no, my daughter's name is kate and i need help paying her bill online
me: so what is her username again please?
him: katebsmith
me: our usernames are 8 characters or less
him: what the hell is a username?
me: it's just the first part of your daughter's iu email address
him: my email address is henrylsmith@...
me: no sir i need it for your daughter, unless you have an IU email address also
him: well that's not what you asked for
me: a username is the first part of a student's email address, and that is what i asked for earlier. you told me tsmith. is it ksmith, maybe, instead?
him: i don't know what you mean, who is tracy smith?
me: i heard T as in tambourine, S M I T H. tsmith belongs to tracy smith. tell you what, i'll just look up her username.
me: kate smith is her full name right?
him: katherine
me: okay i've got a username ksmith here, can you confirm the birthdate so we know we're working with the right username
him: i don't know what the hell this is. you are coming on really strong here missy! i just want to pay the bill.
me: i'm sorry it is a requirement... before we can procceed with the call, i need to confirm a username in our system for each caller.
him: well, shit. hello?
me: hello, i'm still here. can you hear me?
him: hello? shit! hello hello he...
me: (interrupting) umm... i'm still here sir.
him: (pauses to let me speak) HELLO! anyone there? she hung up on me
me: (interrupting, user pauses again as soon as i speak) if you can still hear me, please call back
him: ... i can't believe this, hello?
me: sigh... *click*

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