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Tuesday September 22, 2020
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Jex | posted 07-30-2006 | Number of Votes: 51  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

After trading emails and phone calls, I finally got a screenshot from the client and his confused counterpart each documenting a "bug" in the system.

Client: I just can't understand how XYZ is in Victoria looking at a week's worth of events in the online calendar and I'm in Western Australia looking at the same week with nothing on it! Where'd they go?!?!?!

Me: I think you'll find that if you click on Week 3 for June you'll find that the same events for that week will appear, just as they have on XYZ's computer.

Client (huffily): But I'm already ON Week 3.

Me: Yes, but you've clicked on Vic and then July...

Client (losing patience now since I'M the idiot): But that shouldn't matter if she's in a different state should it?

Me: Nope, but it will if you're looking at different months. I know it can get confusing, but June and July will both contain a "Week 3"

Client: Oh. Gotcha.
Several hours later, I recieved an email from the same client complaining that they were able to log into the event management area of their site and view the different events listed, but couldn't edit them.

I replied that they had to actually click on the "Edit" link for each item if they wished to make changes to it.

And I asked for a screenshot.

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