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Friday November 16, 2018
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Justin | posted 09-18-2006 | Number of Votes: 80  |  Current Rating: 4.47   

A few Years ago, we were writing a radio commercial for a local company. We sent our proposal brief through for their approval, They sent it back completely changed in the form of a horribly cliched ad that wouldn't work but our Accounts/sales girl said just get approval and go with what they want (She also quoted "The customer is always right" line).

We did, the Ad went to air for about 3 weeks before the client rang and complained that their Commercial wasn't working for them...So Rinse, Repeat - We wrote an Ad, They sent back their own and The Sales girl said the Same thing.

Two days later...Another Angry call from the client complaining that the Ad still wasn't working for them!

Why wasn't their Ad working for them? A: They wrote an uninteresting Ad agains't our advice or B: When They wrote their Own Ad - Even though They put their Address and location, Their Phone Number twice and a hard to remember email address in - They left out one important detail - The Business name!!!

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